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john d rockefeller and standard oil the nightmare begins - greed posing as philanthropy tony gosling john d rockefeller began as a humble oil business book keeper in cleveland ohio and in just seven years rose to control a tenth of the entire us oil business, the four horsemen that are killing your forex trading - nial fuller is a professional trader author coach who is considered the authority on price action trading in 2016 nial won the million dollar trader competition he has a monthly readership of 250 000 traders and has taught over 20 000 students, profits before people 7 of the world s most irresponsible - this article originally appeared on earthfirst com money isn t everything or is it to most corporations making a profit is goal number one but some of those companies take it way too far sacrificing the health of the planet and its inhabitants for a bigger bank balance, wall street 1987 film wikipedia - wall street is a 1987 american drama film directed and co written by oliver stone which stars michael douglas charlie sheen and daryl hannah the film tells the story of bud fox sheen a young stockbroker who becomes involved with gordon gekko douglas a wealthy unscrupulous corporate raider stone made the film as a tribute to his father lou stone a stockbroker during the great, sex stupidity and greed inside the american movie - sex stupidity and greed inside the american movie industry ian grey on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers grey probes the dark sordid stupid underside of the glittering glamorous veneer of hollywood packed with outrageous anecdotes, greedy televangelists jesus is savior com - the meyer family compound photo by robert cohen st louis post dispatch joyce meyer ministries bought these 5 homes for meyer and her family, stock quotes business news and data from stock markets - get the latest headlines on wall street and international economies money news personal finance the stock market indexes including dow jones nasdaq and more be informed and get ahead with, wake up new zealand what does the globalist agenda new - related cdc director resigns showing conflict of interest and big pharma influence still reigns at the cdc because most diagnosed cases of the flu aren t the flu so even if you re a true believer in mainstream vaccine theory you re on the short end of the stick here, saradha group financial scandal wikipedia - the saradha group financial scandal was a major financial scam and alleged political scandal caused by the collapse of a ponzi scheme run by saradha group a consortium of over 200 private companies that was believed to be running collective investment schemes popularly but incorrectly referred to as chit funds in eastern india the group collected around 200 to 300 billion us 4 6, 17 banned films and what they tell us about the power of - in the dark passages of brutally violent and exploitative entertainment there are gore porn movies and then there is a serbian film a film so senselessly abhorrent it has become by far, women directors explain exactly what it s like to work in - amy adrion s new doc half the picture takes on gender bias in entertainment but even in the timesup era the film has yet to be picked up by a distributor, committee of concerned shareholders - shareholders should be realistically allowed to directly select corporate director candidates via the sec shareholder proposal procedure the days of corporate paternalism should be ended corporate governance problems will only be cured when shareholders can easily remove incompetent corrupt directors i e vote them out of office, 22 all time great directors and their final films indiewire - fifteen years ago yesterday on july 16th 1999 eyes wide shut was released in theaters it s notable for a number of reasons the last on screen team up of then husband and wife a list, clinton charity fraud biggest scandal in us history - after the interview there is free information and analysis on kevin shipp s website called fortheloveoffreedom net you can also buy a copy of shipp s book called from the company of shadows it s a great read and you will help kevin shipp continue with his mission to inform us all, global kleptocracy global elite ruling elite global - global kleptocracy self serving leaders throughout the world increasingly assume power with the goal of becoming rich at the expense of the majority of their population and of the commonweal, the global banking system el sistema bancario global - the banks do create money they have been doing it for a long time but they didn t realize it and they did not admit it very few did, the standard oil monopoly by the linux information - the saga of standard oil ranks as one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of the u s economy it occurred at a time when the country was undergoing its rapid transformation from a mainly agricultural society to the greatest industrial powerhouse the world has ever known